GTA 5 Does it live up to the Hype?

Just How Good is GTA 5 Anyway – you ask?

Good evening fellow gamer’s! I just wanted to make a quick little write up about Grand Theft Auto 5 and the cool online features it has for PS 3. Yes, for those that haven’t come out from under their rock in a few months, GTA 5 now offers an online mode!

There’s different ways you can use the online mode. You can enter into a game with 15 other random people, or take the route of doing an invite only game with your friends. If you’re a person that is trying to actually get missions accomplished and move up in the ranks, I’d suggest staying away from the random games. There are always assholes (me) that have no problem picking on amateurs and killing them off every time they spawn. Everyone is fair game in these, even though there are minor repercussions to prevent people from constantly blasting one another. My personal favorite move is to booby trap a really nice car and then get a nice vantage point as I watch somebody waste themselves.

You can also use cheat codes in online games. I won’t give away any of my secrets on here, look them up yourself! Whenever my friends and I get really bored (every night) we all hop in a game together that is rigged with cheat codes and ride around messing stuff up. Of course, unlimited ammo is an automatic code we put in, but we like to change the games up each time. Last night was our “killing with class” night. I had 3 buddies over at my place in Annapolis and we all stole or spawned limousines, then encouraged our playing mates out in Baltimore to do the same. We all raise our wanted levels and turned on drunk mode, if you get arrested you’re out and you now turn into a hitman for your team. Later, we turned on moon gravity and had limousines flying through the air with missiles launching out of the windows, what’s better than that?


PS 3 Video Games Reviewed – Basketball

The authority of basketball PS 3 video games has finally been released

… to the public and oh my, did it disappoint for PlayStation 3 – PS 3 video games console users. NBA 2K15 appears to have forgotten about those still enjoying the third generation of PlayStation, and appear to be focusing all of their attention towards Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4.

I’m not a 2K hater by any means. I think it is way better than any of the NBA Live games. I have no problem dubbing it the Madden of basketball. Plus, I am a Thunder fan so I was very pleased to see my man KD get the cover spot. However, it’s blatantly obvious that they did not make any significant improvements to this game whatsoever. It’s almost as if they just took the old game and replaced the disc print.

Gameplay and graphics are the exact same. You are still able to dribble back and forth with a series of crossovers and make for a wide open three. You will still have a player that is 7 foot standing directly under the basket trying to do a reverse behind the backboard lay-up instead of standing on his tip toes to dunk. Also, both Kevin Durant and Steph Curry will have you throwing your controller through television screens because they are in range from anywhere on the court, regardless of what kind of double teaming tight defense you play on them.